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We always consider human resources to be our most important assets. A skilled and professional workforce aligned in vision and striving for common objectives will bring business success.

Asia Lion's Culture


Each Asia Lion member considers learning and growth as their first priority. For this reason, we are aggressive to seek for solutions and willing to leave our comfort zones to complete the assignment.


Asia Lion always creates favorable conditions for members to develop leadership potential. We appreciate those individuals who are very proactive, goal-oriented, and knowledgeable of the organization's vision.


We are aware of the power of unity and cooperation. We believe that solid teamwork will foster the development of each member.


Innovation and creation are our principles. We are adaptive and agile to the ever-changing market conditions to grow stronger.


Once we determine our goals, Asia Lion's members will have a detailed plan and strive to attain the goal despite several obstacles.


We appreciate the frankness and integrity of each person. Hence, Asia Lion members obey the company's regulations to collaborate effectively together.

Benefits And Perks

Competitive salary

Excellent health benefits

Clear career ladder

Effective performance management

Standardized work process

Professional training opportunities

Growth mindset culture

Passion fulfillment

Career Ladder

Elementary level, with little or no experience, works under the supervisors’ observation and guidelines.

Intermediate level, with capacity to execute basic tasks, and work under the supervisors’ observation.

Mid-lever, having basic knowledge and skills to execute tasks with colleagues’ support, works under supervisors’ observation, initially determining the career development path.

Senior level, execute the tasks independently, be able to set own objectives for professional growth.

Professional in the area of expertise, able to analyze and solve problems without support, can lead and train subordinates.

Highly professional in the area of expertise, very experienced, attain results recognized in the organization, can lead and take responsibilities for business work.

Acknowledged as an expert and well-respected across the nation, a trendsetter who contributes sustainably to the area, able to lead and assume business responsibilities.

Recruitment Process

Asia Lion always welcomes enthusiastic candidates who want to commit with us. An effective recruitment process will help us find suitable candidates, which is the foundation of creating an excellent team.

Round 1

Screening and Shortlisting

After receiving applications from candidates, the Asia Lion recruitment team will screen the resumes and shortlist the best ones to move forward.

Round 2

General knowledge testing

Candidates who pass the CV screening will receive a knowledge test via email. The test will assess your knowledge of the position and your suitability for the company.

Round 3


Candidates who passed round 2 will be invited to the interview round. In this stage, applicants will get the chance to meet employers and ask questions.

Round 4

Final capacity testing

This round's purpose is to choose the most excellent and consistent candidates. Therefore, in the final capacity test, we will challenge the candidates to solve a specific situation related to the vacancy.

Current Job Openings

Tháng Tám 18, 2022
  • Pham Anh
  • Posted by Pham Anh
Tháng Tám 18, 2022
  • Pham Anh
  • Posted by Pham Anh

Life At Asia Lion

All distinctive personalities are welcomed and respected at Asia Lion so that each individual can strive hard for common goals. We understand that teamwork makes the dream work.


We value human potential, given its significant contribution to the organization. As a pioneer in global software, export, and tourism marketing, Asia Lion’s mission is to help the business expand internationally through revenue, profit, and brand substantial growth.

We believe that you should choose Asia Lion to foster your development in export, blockchain, and tourism marketing for the following reasons:

– Asia Lion is a marketing agency specializing in international fields, experienced in B2B and B2C in over 23 countries with eight languages.

– We have a clear standardized operating procedure to optimize performance.

– Fairness and objectivity in the recruitment, evaluation and promotion of personnel are based on the appreciation of competence and respect for the contributions of each individual to the common goals of the company.

– Transparent compensation policy depends on KPI to build up Asia Lion to become the best workplace in marketing and services.

– Regular human resources training enhances the capacity to meet the requirements of an ever-changing global market.

– We have a transparent career ladder along with a practical performance evaluation.

– Asia Lion’s environment is youthful, energetic, and professional.

– We have monthly and quarterly team-building activities to connect together.

Benefit details are recorded in our company rules and regulations and updated yearly. The followings are the main points:

– Competitive benefits include salary, bonuses when overachieving goals, attaining remarkable achievement, seniority, other subsidies, and 13th-month wage,…

– Training and education policy for members to ensure constant development for each individual

– Transparent insurance policy for employees in compliance with the law

– Annual vacation and seniority add-in values

– Subsidies and other benefits to support employees

– Birthdays, team-building, and other parties monthly and quarterly

Asia Lion seeks to provide a cooperative environment in which every member is eager to share information and committed to developing new skills. When starting a new position, each member and supervisor will agree on a career development plan incorporating job-specific skills, evaluation methods, and estimated cost for training. In addition, the organization will host weekly training sessions to offer and share expertise, as well as facilitate discussions about solving current issues.

At Asia Lion, we encourage every individual to strive and expose all their potential. As a reason, we build up a transparent career ladder along with a precise performance evaluation. The career ladder at Asia Lion is based on the following information:

– The level of contribution to the development of the company

– Attitudes toward works

– Experienced and the expertise level

– Be able to meet the job’s requirements.

– Qualified for needed certificates and courses training

– Each employee will be evaluated based on their performance and accomplishments, and then compared to their KPI. We guarantee impartiality and objectivity throughout the procedure.

Asia Lion has transparent standardized operating procedures for every scope of work. Our systems are constantly updated and reviewed so employees can easily access and look up needed information.


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