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Asia Lion expects to boost business growth in the tourism industry through consultancy activities, HR training, and loyal companionship with your business. Our clients are Flamingo Group, Yen Tu Legacy, Heritage Cruise, Pa’piu Resort, etc.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

Having experienced in the tourism industry for many years, with outstanding ability, we understand market trends and operations in various fields such as resort, aviation, yacht, etc. As a result, we are able to catch the movements and build successful marketing strategies in the long run for businesses.

The marketing strategies are proposed by careful revenue, ROI ratio, 3C model, PESTLE analysis, the tourism industry benchmark, and apparently customers’ standards. Owing to our standardized process that has been finalized attentively, the marketing strategies built by Asia Lion are highly feasible and quick result generated.

Markets and customers’ demands are changing on a daily basis; hence, technology and media application, along with brand identities synchronization, is imperative to businesses.

As a reason, we deliver the website, landing page, and other design services with booking, payment gateway, room availability checking, automatic booking calendar, and updated prices according to hotels and resorts information, which boost conversion rates immediately on the business website, without going through TA and OTA channels.

We guarantee SEO-friendly elements in website design based on the highest google benchmarks (meta, URL, headings, etc.), which makes the website get on the top of Google search, and increases website traffic and conversion rate.

A multilingual marketing channel system is imperative to elevate impressive business results, given the rising numbers of international travelers to Vietnam these days. We ensure the hotels and resorts’ professional appearance on diverse channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Website,, Agoda, Traveloka, Airbnb, etc.


Considering the highly competitive market nowadays, synchronized brand identity and perfect look will attract customers and gain trust from them easily.

We provide all the listed below services:
– High-quality brand identity
– Hotels, resorts, and yachts photos collection with a full range of spaces
– TVC shooting

Our eight-stage process depicts the way we connect and work with multi-level K.O.Ls/Influencers in the tourism industry on various channels: Youtube, Tikton, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Nano influencets: 1,000 – 10,000 followers
Micro-influencers: 10,000 – 50,000 followers
Mid-tier influencers: 50,000 – 500,000 followers (Tran Viet Phuong, Yeu May Bay, etc.)
Premium/Macro influencers: 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers (Khoai Lang Thang, Nhi Dang, etc.)
Celeb/Mega influencers: >1,000,000 followers (Quang Vinh, etc.)

1. Build campaign introduction to share with influencers regard of traveling topics
2. Select a list of influencers with a suitable audience
3. Sign the contract and pay for the service
4. Provide clients with a list of influencers interested in the project with applicable cost
5. Opt for the influencers and decide the type of collaboration
6. Solve influencer cost-related questions
7. Execute the collaboration projects
8. Provide summary and report after marketing campaigns

We create and manage ads on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.), including search engine, internet display, and social media. We ensure to update and work closely with the platforms in terms of policy, operations, and budget optimization. On a monthly basis, businesses will be aware of work quality and performance through detailed reports with regard to tracking and traffic records, etc. (leads numbers, MQLs numbers, conversion rate, revenue, etc.)

Our professional copywriter teams and designer teams provide diverse PR activities from national to international newspapers. We are in collaboration with KOLs/Influencers, execute PR campaigns on various media channels about lifestyle and luxury travel such as Wonderlust, Travel & Leisure, Heritage, etc.

Our five-stage PR process:
1. Content creation
2. Lifestyle and travel media sites selection
3. Contact and booking
4. Tracking record
5. Report

Asia Lion accompanies clients and executes a full marketing package as a loyal and trusted partner from first setup phase, brand identity building, grand opening, customer attraction, operations, promotion projects, customer journey, etc.

We provide a specialized group of 5 to 10 people to complete the aforementioned services:

1 Account Executive
1 Planner
1 KOL Specialist
1 Content executive
1 Digital Executive
1 Designer
1 UX/UI Designer
1 PR Executive
1 Copywriter

In-house Marketing Agency Model

Integral operation & Industry specialization

Available experienced staff in the tourism industry (do not take time to train and educate)

– The one and only team for comprehensive consultancy and direct implementation, with no fragmentation, plus time-saving management and multi-channel coordination

– Available network connection with experienced and specialized experts

– Suitable scale for HR and resources optimization as compared to an in-house team

– A marketing operation standard with a synchronized benchmark and efficiency-oriented standard

– Concentration on revenue-related KPI (request, contact form, email, phone numbers, customers, etc.) or awareness level for each phase

– A lower fee as compared to an in-house team, from only 2,500 USD/a month

– 1 to 3 years of campaign planning by accompanying in the long run and cooperating dedicatedly with the business

– Customized approaches for each partner from online to offline omnichannel for each product and target customers

– Flexible direction to catch the movements to attain awareness and revenue pusposes

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Programs & activities to support the tourism industry

Tourism Marketing Education

Asia Lion has already educated approximately 100 individuals, corporations, NPO, etc., in tourism marketing. Our courses are designed for students, marketing newbies, and business owners.

Young Travel
Marketers Competition

In Vietnam, Young Travel Marketers is the first vocational program in the tourism field, attracting over 50.000 reaches, 1,000 Vietnam students participated, 60 universities, experts, and corporations joined.

Community activities

Asia Lion has partnered with about 20 universities, corporations, NGOs, etc. We aim to share foundation knowledge, hands-on experience, and perspectives in the tourism industry.

Media Partners


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