Schedule of opening classes for organizing & managing Tourism Marketing activities

Marketing training course specialized in Travel, hotel and resort, visa, transportation and other marketing activities for the tourism industry. For CEOs, Managers at businesses in the tourism industry.

Learning Objectives

The Covid period is the time when tourism businesses adapt and invest in long-term problems. Classes for management level, learn to research customer insights, make marketing strategies and plans for the whole year for businesses, manage channels, measure the effectiveness of each channel’s KPIs (Digital Marketing, traditional B2B …) and especially organizing, recruiting and training marketing personnel for the tourism industry.

Long - term effective knowledge

Platforms, OTAs and businesses doing online marketing are increasingly dominant. At the same time, professional marketing knowledge will help businesses create momentum for a long - term tourism business strategy

Effective investment cost management

Marketing without knowledge can take a lot of money and effort if invested incorrectly. Understand methods and ways of thinking that will save costs, increase revenue in the tourism market.

Community network for long-term support

Taking a class has long-term value. The class creates cohesion, sharing, and Q&A between. The group continuously organizes long-term activities for students.

Course content

The course program “Tourism Marketing Organization & Management” includes 6 intensive classroom sessions, parallel with the Facebook Group network and Q&A sessions for students.


Marketing objectives & methods of tourism market research

Objectives of ROI, ROS, CPA, MQL, SQL …, Market Research method of tourism industry by Digital Marketing tools by stage, market, language


Methods of brand positioning in the tourism industry

How to position brands for travel businesses, resorts, corporations. Case study analysis of national brand positioning


Methods of planning tourism marketing

STP tool, strategy based on 4P, 4C, traveler journey, communication strategy, IMC form


Understand and effectively manage tourism Digital Marketing channel

Experience in creating inhouse/outsource websites for business owners, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Baidu, Email Marketing channels…


B2B Marketing Methods on Digital Platform

Solution Digitalize channels of fairs, PR press, KOLs, Celebrity celebrities, Sponsors, Events … to reach Travel Agents, MICE delegations & partner businesses


Measurement, optimization & organization of human resources Marketing tourism industry

Methods of organization, measurement, experience in recruiting, managing and training marketing personnel in the tourism industry

Suitable object

– Students are learning about Digital Marketing from zero

– Marketing staff at SMEs still lack basic knowledge about Digital tools

– Management level wants to firmly grasp Digital Marketing channels to develop the business

The class is for students, newbies in Marketing, and Managers who want to understand how to operate a basic Marketing channel

The class helps to learn Digital Marketing knowledge faster and more methodically, for those who want to save time to learn, get long-term support and join the network in the resort and travel industry.

Lecturer: Nguyen Cuong Bach

Directly deploying Marketing of many tourism products from Tours, Airplanes, Resorts, Software, Exports… with 8 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese) , Indonesia and Vietnam) to more than 30 countries worldwide.

+ Founder & CEO Asia Lion, Marketing Agency pioneer in the field of tourism marketing & international export.

+ Founder of Vietnam Tourism Marketing & Sales Group Club – The first knowledge sharing and connection community about Marketing & Sales in the tourism industry (See more here)

Founder Journey On Air – Platform project to promote sustainable tourism and position Vietnam’s image

Students talk about the courses

Ms. Hoai Van - Director of Sale - Aurora Travel

After not going to school for a long time, after studying, I realized that the world is really big and there is a lot of work to do. Thank you Nguyen Cuong Bach, Thang Phan, and all of you. System knowledge, practical, up-to-date, professional and interesting. Your approach, sharing and problem solving really makes me feel that I need to learn more and do more things. Thank you to all the first grade classmates for being so cute, openly sharing with each other everything that can be shared he he. LOVE YOU ALL.

Mr. Thang Phan - CEO & Founder Metta Voyage

The class is organized very professionally, methodically, closely following each student. I learned a lot of new ways of thinking for the organization and planning of Marketing in particular as well as the business in general in a systematic and clear manner. The lecturer has a heart, researches very carefully before giving the lecture to everyone, making it clear to all students what they are always looking for in many years of work. Congratulations on a successful class.

Mr. Han Do - Team Sales Leader in French - Far East Tour

Agree with all 8 other members of the class. A quality course with practical content, very useful, always systematized specifically, methodically and attractively from session 1 to session 8. Thank you Bach for your enthusiastic, scientific, and close-up guidance. level and knowledge of each student. It is a pleasure to connect and experience with you in a class atmosphere that is always open and friendly to share.

Mr. Hoang Nguyen - CEO Handspan Travel Indochina

I really appreciate the young but enthusiastic, talented and especially your heart and dedication. I feel very fortunate to have participated in this course with Bach, so that a blind person like him also has a very good basis to system all aspects related to Marketing management. Thank you, Nguyen Cuong Bach.

Mr. Tran Viet Anh - Founder & Blogger of Dulichbui24

Today learn about multi-channel and KPI in Marketing in general, Tourism Marketing in particular. Thank you Bach, I have a brother who does well, studies well, studies deeply... Good luck! The first day I saw a course, I had to follow it immediately, brothers and sisters who are managing companies in the tourism industry register to study to save money on Marketing!

Ms. Nga - Market Manager - Aurora Travel

It is true that knowledge is vast. It's been two years since I've received so much good knowledge. Thank you Bach for organizing the class, thank you to everyone for showing me that I need to spend more time studying and very happy to have the opportunity to learn, talk and listen to everyone's sharing.

Journalism & tourism industry activities

Print newspapers, Marketing magazines and TV talk about us

Pictures of students and courses

Committed to accompanying and consulting with students

Accompanying, consulting, and answering questions with students in monthly support programs:

1. Offline workshop by monthly theme

2. Group connects to advise and support students (See here)

3. Update general marketing knowledge for alumni

4. Support Finding Staff & Recruiting for Tourism Marketing

Long - term Values

  1. Offering market research tools with Digital Marketing Tools (Ahref,, Moz, Majetic SEO…)

  2. Giving away 100+ eBooks on Research, General Tourism statistics of the General Department, UNWTO, TAT, STB, NTTC, Skift…

  3. Join the Tourism Marketing Classroom Community

  4. Receive notifications and documents to update new knowledge for the tourism industry

  5. Participating in tourism marketing programs organized by Asia Lion

  6. Offline workshop by monthly theme

  7. Group connects to advise and support students

  8. Update general marketing knowledge for alumni

  9. Support Searching for Personnel & Recruiting for Tourism Marketing

The only course in Vietnam on Tourism Marketing

Time: Every Tuesday & Friday evening (18:30 – 21:00)

Location: 5th floor, 132 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi


– Tuition fee does not include VAT, VAT is available for employee training enterprises. Please register & contact email/hotline to issue invoice

– Register at the same time for the Tourism Marketing Management & Organization class. Direct discount 1,500,000 VND

– Register in groups of 2 or more. Discount 500,000 VND per person.

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